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Content Creation Services

Blue Frog’s content creation services provide you with professionally written text for your company’s marketing materials. We’ve invested in hiring top-notch writers with backgrounds in journalism, language arts, education, and even law, so your content will reflect a high level of quality and professionalism from the moment a potential client first interacts with your business.


Your company’s blog is a potent resource for attracting and engaging potential customers, remaining visible to current clients, and encouraging referrals. To establish a prominent place among organic search results, you need to produce a steady stream of quality content that answers users’ search engine queries. Your blog is the perfect place to do this.

Blue Frog’s professional writers are available to produce valuable content your company’s blog, employing strategic keyword placement and other SEO tactics to ensure that it has the best possible chance of being found online. We’ll work with you to gain a thorough understanding of who your potential customers are and what kinds of information they value and seek out, enabling us to create a blogging strategy and list of topics that will resonate with them.

Downloadable Content

Creating higher-value content that users can download in exchange for their contact information is an effective way to generate leads online. After browsing your website and reading articles on your blog, visitors who would like more in-depth information can be directed to a landing page, where you can ask them to submit their name, email address, and any other information that would be helpful to your sales process. White papers and eBooks are two possible forms this downloadable content can take.

White Papers

The purpose of a white paper is to influence readers’ decision making. While your blog should be informative and not overtly sales-focused, a white paper appropriately goes into detail about the benefits of a particular product or service that your company provides. That makes it an ideal tool for persuading potential customers who are in the decision stage of the buying process, particularly in industries where customers tend to do a great deal of research before making purchase decisions.

Our white paper creation service incorporates intelligent research and professional writing to clearly and convincingly convey information about your products or services that your potential customers need. We can help you generate confidence in your brand by delivering intelligent, well-written content that informs readers and makes your company’s case for you.


EBooks are a perfect way to give your website visitors and social media followers added value while collecting leads that you can continue to nurture through the sales process with email and other marketing efforts. They are ideal tools for highlighting and providing deeper information about aspects of your industry and building trust in your brand. Our writing and graphics teams work together to create attractive and informative eBooks to engage your audience and showcase your expertise.

Printed Content

Our team of professional writers is available to create content for any of your company’s print marketing materials, from postcards or flyers to booklets or branded magazines.

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